Wednesday, January 31, 2007

PetSpa Advanced Pet Care (Or, How Not to Wash a Cat)

A pet care company has created a new way to wash your pets. Basically, it is a large, free standing washing machine. Sort of like an enclosed mini shower. Well, just watch this video someone took and you'll see.

(If the video above does not show or load, click HERE to view it at Youtube.)

I don't know whether to laugh my ass off or feel bad for the poor cat. The choice of background music is perfect, though. ^.^;;

PetSpa, the creators of this pet washer cum torture chamber, has been assiduously trying to get this video disabled from being embedded off YouTube and other video hosters. I suppose they do not want the damning video spread all over the Internet ... too late. It's all over the place, and I'm only one of thousands who have spotlighted this video on a blog or other website.

PetSpa claims this method reduces stress on the pet. The claim for less stress on the animal comes from the fact the animal is not restrained or physically held down by someone. Also, the water jets provide a "hydro-massage" that relaxes your pet.

Yeah, that cat looks calm and serene to me. No stress there. Nope. He is just doing ... err ... cat aerobics. Yeah, that's it. Cat aerobics. Now he'll be clean AND exercised!

PetSpa also claims their product will "reduce risks on pets and staff". I suppose this is again due to the lack of restraining of the pets. The cabin (as they call it) is pretty big, and it does have nice airflow. Just big enough for them to flail around in confused terror. The last time I went spastic and flailed around in an enclosed space, I didn't hurt myself ... much. And, I worry for the safety of any exposed flesh on the person who has to get the animal out. You could just open the door and let them bolt out, I guess, but if you're using this in a grooming shop I doubt you want the animal running loose in the store.

Kidding aside, all accounts I've read of this device state the pets do get exceptionally cleaner, and no real harm comes to them. (They might be emotionally traumatized, however). Too, nervous animals may become used to the process with repeated washings over time. Dogs also seem to be much less fazed by the device than cats. PetSpa states you can wash other small pets in it, but they are not named and no reports mentioned testing with non cats or dogs.

I bet wasching a gerbil or hamster in that thing would be entertaining. I wouldn't try it on a bird, I think. You could wash your kids in it, though. Here's proof direct from the PetSpa website:

I've not found pricing on the PetSpa website, but there is a ton of information there, and even videos you can watch. Not as entertaining as the one above, though.


Bruiser said...

Personally, I felt bad for that poor kitty. Of course, I was laughing at the same time because it was funny. I have to think that it would be traumatic for the cat. I know when we moved from MA to MI (yep, just changed a letter), my cat stayed in the rafters of the garage for like 2 days. And he stayed dry the whole time!

Russell said...

That is so wrong! :)

Tekphreak said...

What a marvelous machine.

Do they make them for humans?

They should have them on every street corner for the homeless.

Raivynn said...

I would totally take a shower in something like that if I could stand up in it.

Anonymous said...
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