Friday, January 12, 2007


A few days ago Apple announced a new product they are calling iPhone. It combines three products in one: a "revolutionary" mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a "breakthrough" Internet communications device. The average price of the iPhone will be around $400 to $500 US. Pretty steep, but really not too far above what a typical top end cellular phone runs ... you just see them much cheaper because you usually sign a two year service contract which significantly lowers the price. Still, it costs as much as most low end desktop systems through places like Dell or HP.

The features sound pretty good, though.

The Widescreen iPod is 3.5 inches, which you get by flipping the iPhone on it's side. The music portion of the iPhone iPod runs upright. Controls for both are by touch on the screen. So you probably do not want to be using this while eating those greasy buffalo chicken wings. Well, unless you like smeared images of the Ofiice and Desperate Housewives, that is.

The actual phone portion also uses a touch screen to operate. The video demonstration online makes it's features seem clunky to use as you must first call up the phone, then call up whtever feature of the phone you would like to use ... such as the keypad to dial someone not in your phone book. I suppose you'd get used to it, but dinosaur that I am, I'd miss an actual numerical keypad ready when I want it without pressing three or four things to access it. The iPhone also comes with a voicemail system, a 2-megapixel camera, and SMS. That's Instant Messaging for those who don't know it. The keyboard is on screen and touch, which actually may be better than some of those teeny tiny button plastic ones other SMS phones use.

The Internet portion use Safari, a portable web browser, to surf the Web. You actually see the webpages as designed and can zoom in on the areas you wish to fully explore without eyestrain. E-mail is handled in full HTML and downloaded in the background from most POP3 and IMAP mail services. again, you get a cool touch screen keyboard to tap out those words of digital wisdom you want to fling through cyberspace. It also has a map system using Google Maps, as well as directions and traffic information. iPhone also has widgest, which are small applications that give you info you want like weather, stock tips, horoscopes, and other stuff in real time. You do need a Wi-Fi connection to use the Internet functions, however.

Purportedly, you can connect iPhone to your PC or Mac to sync data, as well. You could even postulate that upgrades, new features, and other goodies could be added by the same manner.

No mention on any gaming capability, but I imagine it is possible, and possibly even already available.
This is something kids will be screaming for this year, especially come next Christmas. It seems anything with an i before it automatically becomes a hot, sought after item. Prices may fall a bit by year's end, too. Or, cheaper, lower end models are made.

The way people lust after anything "i" related, I wonder if GW spun his little war as being in iRaq if the populace would be more for it? Then he could go after iRan, too.

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Bruiser said...

I don't even have an ipod. And I hate my cell phone. Odds are against me getting the iPhone. Pretty neat little gadget, though.