Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bruiser's Bowling Buddies


My last entry stated I'd have something more light-hearted posted by the afternoon. I planned to. I really and truely planned to. I'll blame the delay on ... stuff. Yeah. Stuff. Sounds good, no?

Besides, 8PM is after noon, isn't it?

I have a friend who goes by the web-name of Bruiser. He's one of my guild mates in the Rebel Dragons; the guild I belong to in the Guild Wars MMORPG. Great guy. He's funny, he's generous, he's kind, and he's got a kickin' voice that sounds like a cool radio DJ. (We use Teamspeak sometimes in the guild, even if I am too damn cheap to buy a mic for myself ... I lost my old, half-broken one ... somehow).

Bruiser has himself his own little corner of the web where he ponders the mysteries of life, expounds upon important issues, and articulates deep philosophical ideas. That these mysteries, important issues, and philosophical ideals mostly revolve around softball and bowling is beside the point.

Recently, Bruiser posted a Silly Video of his Guild Wars ranger girl dancing to ABBA's Dancing Queen. I liked it, but it's a good thing his ranger girl is only digital. She could break a hip with some of those moves. =/

Anyhow, a subsequent blog entry of his reports on a recent bowling event and bemoans his own, lower than usual, pin average. I suggested, in the comments (where pizza grease and divine peanut butter has been seen to be discussed), that our erstwhile Bruiser was preoccupied with certain lithe, writhing ranger girls and might be better served by focussing on his game rather than her sinuous gyrations. Inspiration struck me then, and I suggested he might also envision those same robust reeling ranger girls in place of the normal ten-pins.

Then, I thought Bruiser might need a little help in bringing this vision to mind, so I concocted a little visual aid to lend assistance:

Bruiser's Bowling Buddies (Click to See Original Image)(Those interested can click on the above image to see the original image before I 'shopped it)


Bruiser said...

Yepper, that's exactly what I see when I'm bowling. LOL!!

Doug E. Pudge said...

You know Raivynn you really have a handle on Bruce! I wasn't sure that was possible. I love post. B4T

Raivynn said...

Say what you will about his bowling, but Bruce shure knows how to twang his ranger girl's bow in Guild Wars. Maybe he sees the critters as bowling pins? Hmmm ...