Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Dog Ate My Post

In a moment of lucidity and general relief from the aches and pains of whatever creeping crud I've been inflicted with, I wrote up a blog entry yesterday which I was going to use today. Very foresighted of me, wasn't it?

Except that , somehow, someway, instead of saving it to draft (which I thought I did in my medication addled soup of a mind), I must have simply closed out of the blog and lost it. (The post, not my mind. That's been gone a long time). :(

It was a rather scintillating post. One full of pathos. A post to make you stop and wonder about your place in the scheme of not just the world, but the universe. Feelings of love and goodwill would have welled up in your soul. The cares of the world would have slipped from your burdened shoulders like a gossamer shawl floating away in the breezes of tranquility. You may even have cried.

The post was entitled, "Cuz Fart Jokes Are STILL Funny!"

Instead of trying to recreate that once in a lifetime post of life altering verbiage, you'll have to settle for me doing a short listing of new info. *sigh* The humanity of it all.

A couple weeks back I posted a game I created at a new website called Sploder. I've not created anything new from there, but some inprovements have been made to the original game. There are now Walls and Polygons you can place in your games. Both are scaleable and add extra ability to create more entertaining (and difficult) game maps. Improvements are always being made to Sploder, so check it out if you've some time to kill.

Speaking of games, I have found (and gotten hooked) on several games which emulate the tower defense scenarios from Warcraft and Starcraft. Tower Defense typically entails you defending a castle and its inhabitants from hordes of baddies travelling a maze by constructing (and often upgrading) battle towers to kill them before they reach the soft, squishy, two-legged meals in your castle.

They have been decent time wasters for me to amuse myself during the periods when I felt up to sitting at the computer. Some are better than others; all were fun.

A really nice one I found called Master of Defense was really fun. It is Demo version of a larger game you can purchase. I felt the listed features of the game, however, did not equal the almost $20 purchase price. I'd've thought about getting it for $10. Still, if you have broadband, and like tower defense style games, downloading the demo is worthwhile.

There is a low grade, and free, Flash version available, simply called Tower Defence. This one challenges you to get to the highest possible level. Each wave, the monsters' health is multiplied by 1.25, making it more and more difficult to stop them before the reach the castle. Waves come every 20 seconds, and while money per kill increases each wave, it is linear compared to the exponential increase of the monsters' health. My top score was level 76. The game creator states he achieved level 90. There are many strategies you can use in this one, and it pays to learn the tower upgrades.

The one I have played the most is Flash Element TD. It, too, is Flash based, but with better graphics and sound. Unlike Tower Defence, this one has a limited amount of levels with ever increasing difficulty. Also unlike the previous two games, the real object behind this game is to get a high score, which is based on your accrued money and tower real estate. Many things affect the score, so this game is true game of tactics, both the stop the "creeps" (monsters) from "leaking" (making it through the map) and getting as much money and score as possible while doing so. There is a forum and tips page assopciated directly to this game, and it is updated often with new features and bug fixes. I heartily recommend playing this one. My top score in it has been in the mid-50k range. (And a new TD game is in the works from this game creator, too!)

So, there you have it, and I've had it. Time to go lay down again.

(Makes sure to press Publish this time).

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