Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Top 5 Cool Office Gadgets

Is the usual workaday getting you down? Need something new and exciting to liven up the typical office drudgery?

Then here are 5 cool office gadgets to help you do just that!

1. Shocking Stapler

Have you ever finished a report after long hours of research, typing, and collating, only to have your satisfied smile turn to an angry frown when your questing does not find your stapler on the desk where you left it? Then the Shocking Stapler is for you!

The next time someone asks to borrow your stapler, or tries to swipe it, they will be find it to be a hair raising experience! A mild shock is delivered through the metal top plate to unwary users. I've not seen any details as to how mild, but a few sites have warned not to use on young children, the elderly, or those in poor health. Unless, of course, you have a good insurance policy out on them. >_>

These fun, little jolters can be found almost anywhere with prices ranging from $4.99 upwards of $20. It also seems there are different makers and styles. Just Google "Shocking Stapler" and you'll find plenty. Joke shops and the like might also carry them. I couldn't find one at Staples or Office Depot. Go fig!

So, don't be like Milton in Office Space. Get a Shcoking stapler and shock the hell out of friends and co-workers today!

2. AC Ally II

Here's a cool gadget that will keep you cool at work.

When the temperature begins to rise, and the sweat begins its slow slide down between your shoulder blades, plug this little baby into your computer's USB port, snap on the fan, and faux tropical breezes waft across your sweltering body making you the envy of the typing pool!.

Ok, you also have to put a plastic bottle of frozen water inside it and risk the condensation and liquid making it's nefarious way into the fragile innards of your expensive computer, but .. hey, isn't a cheap breeze worth the risk? Besides, if you're at work, you probbaly don't own that computer anyway!

You can find this little breeze machine at Gadget Universe, along with other nifty gizmos.

3. Mini Water Dispenser

Now all the water cooler discussions can happen at your desk, where you can actually show co-workers those funny videos and pictures you found surfing the internet instead of working, and not just tell them about it.

Of course, this wee watering hole only dispenses about 8 glasses of water. and the "cooler" in it's name is misleading. The only way you'll get cool water is you freeze it in the bottle first and drink it as it melts. But, it'll save you trips to the breakroom allowing you that much more time to find funny pictures on the web!

Actually, this is something I may actually buy for my desk at the Roost offices. It'll save me from getting up to get water during my marathon blogging sessions, or those even more important Guild Wars missions. ("Hey, where'd Raivynn go? She was supposed to be the healer tonight?" *death rattle*)

Now if they's only make acompanion Mini Port-O-Potty, I'd never have to get up!

4. The Businessbib

Just for you men. The video says it all.

If interested, you can find it here.

5. USB Rocket Launcher

Next time that bozo in cubicle 103A fires rubber bands at you, be prepared for swift and total retaliation with the USB Rocket Launcher! Or, precipitate a war by firing on unsuspecting co-workers who make you look bad by acually *gasp* working!

The Rocket Launcher is about 7 inches tall and plugs directly into your computer's USB port, and can be operated via keyboard with the software included on a CD. The 3 soft foam rockets can be launched 5 to 9 feet, and may be easily aimed with the 180 degree rotation and 45 degree angle launcher. Get two and have a war at work!

This might also be good for those times when family members bother at home while you are trying ot surf the 'Net or play a game. Or, you could just use a ratty old tennis ball, like I do. ~.^

You can find these all over the web, too. Just search for USB Missile or Rocket Launcher.


Bruiser said...

But I happen to like Milton.
The rocket launcher is way way cool. I might have to look into that one.

Good post!

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