Monday, January 8, 2007

One Week Later ...

It's been one week since I made my resolutions and began the Raivynn's Roost blog. That resolution has been kept. The others ... ?

I haven't written anything outside the blog, other than posts to the GW Alliance forums and the odd grocery list. Somehow I do not think milk, bread, cereal, cat food, soda and toilet paper are going to help stretch my writing skills. I have located several hundred pages of hand written material in various genres which I wrote mostly in my teens. I've not decided if i am going to revisit any of those old, half finished stories or begin entirely new ones.

I have debated on using a second blog to store my actual fiction writings. It is technically the first Roost I created, back around mid-December, for posting about NWN2 and a game world, called The Saga Project, which I am a staff member on. Some glitches, the holidays, and the fact my NWN2 Toolset will not stay up has caused me to temporarily abandon that blog. That is how I ended up here, at Blogger, and with the one begun on January 1st. Were I to repurpose this other blog for housing my stories, I think I'd call it Raivynn's Quill.

Another of my resolutions hasn't exactly failed, but it hasn't quite been upheld as well as it could be. Yup. The good old ubiquitous "Take Better Care of Myself" resolution. It is the most commonly made, and most commonly broken, resolution made in the U.S.

I can't say I've made a good effort to make good on this resolution, but then again I've been pretty sick with an ear infection which has led to some stomach issues and general cold-like symptoms. So, in a way I've eaten less and better. Then, there was the day I went to Taco Bell and scarfed a Beef Burrito, two Ranchero Chicken Tacos, and a Crispy Taco. I did have a Diet Pepsi, however. ^.^;;

I'm considering that resolution still in play. My main plan to keep it is to eat less overall, while still maintaining the food schedule I try to keep due to my diabetes. (This means eat more meals, but smaller ones ... typically it's four a day, but might equal only 2 or 3 normal meals if put together). Also, I need to stop snacking right as I go to bed. I have a bad habit of eating while I read in bed for a half hour or so before I go to sleep. The third part of this is to eat less crap food, like sweet snacks and crackers, instead eating vegetables and fruits in their place. I like fruits and veges, so this won't be too difficult.

Then there is exercise. The bane of us all. Sitting here typing up these blogs is not burning any calories ... well maybe one or two. I do have a YMCA membership, but I feel so self conscious and it's am eight mile drive, each way. I know .. excuses, excuses. I could do some walking, I suppose. And, my next resolution was to play a part in this one, too ...

Spending more time with the kids. This one hasn't happened. I blame the ear infection, though. It's hard to do things with pain and fever, or the nausea I've had since taking the meds I was prescribed. I did spend more time watching TV and DVDs with them, but I had wanted to play the new Dungeons & Dragons Basic set with them this weekend. Or, even a game or three of HeroScape. And, even if I were feeling well this weekend, my plans to take them to a park for some footbal or basketball were squelched by the rain. (The Y is good for basketball on rainy weekends, though ... so no real excuse for that, other than being sick).

There is one resolution I've been doing well at, however. My resolution to be kinder to others. Even with the ear aches, the stomache quivers, the burning fevers, I was noticeably less loud with the kids. Those of you with kids can really understand how difficult it can be to keep your cool with them. And, when the grocery store bagger put cans of on top of my eggs, I didn't swing the sack upside his head in anger. I did make him go get me different, unbroken eggs and maybe embarrassed him by having my nine year old demonstrate the proper way to bag up eggs and bread. ~.^

For the blog itself, it's been a good first week. I'd like to thank each of you who stop in everyday, or every few days, and checks out my rather inane ramblings and oddball posts. you know who you are! ^.^

For those interested, I'll provide a small breakdown of stats about the blog. I don't know how strong the stats are compared to other newly published personal blogs, but i think they are pretty good!

The stats are from Monday, January 1st through Sunday, January 7th:

Total Visits: 77
Total Unique Visitors: 31
Total Pageviews: 189
New Visitors: 37.66%
Returning Visitors*: 62.34%
* Returning Visitors, by default, were at one point New Visitors. Once a new visitor visits the blog a second time, they are considered a returning visitor. pageviews on a single visit only count as one visit.

Also, for those who tried to play my Sploder Webgame, Raivynn's Rampage, there is a new version up with corrections, as well as a totally new game called Pink Puzzle Palace. They can be found on my Sploder game page.

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