Thursday, February 1, 2007

Blasted Blogger

Today's post will be late. Really late.

Blogger was having hiccups today. And I know better than to write my entire post in Blogger without backing it up via Draft or in Notepad or something. So, Blogger ate it.

But, that's okay because it was a really pretentious and egotistical post. I was all crowing about visitors and pageviews and other stuff like that. I admit it. I like ego strokes. And the post was a subtle plea for one.

I was asking what people liked or didn't like about the blog. Whether I should change this, or do that. If having set days like Punday Monday, Top 10 Tuesday, Funky News Friday, and the like would be better.


I'm glad Blogger ate it. I was reading another blog today and had a better idea for today's post. I need some research on it, and have it partially typed up, but now i must move into the real world and do the family things ... pick up kiddies, help with homework, make and eat dinner, do some family time after, yell at the kids for stupid things they say and or do ....

So, expect a real blog entry later tonight. Or, you can read it tomorrow for a double dose. It'll be interesting. ^.^

I hope ...


Bruiser said...

Do we get our money back if it's not interesting?

Russell said...

During your next down time, sign yourself up for a WordPress blog. It's well worth the switch!

Raivynn said...

Blogger's been good to me so far. If I continue to get the kinds of problems, I may switch. But, it'd have to be a lot of pain in the butt issues. ~.^