Friday, February 9, 2007

Optical Illusions on Vehicles

We've all seen those ubiquitous baseballs stuck in a cracked window on a car. Or, maybe it was a hockey puck, or a football, or a golf ball. You've probably also seen those faux bullet holes you can plaster on your car.

Those are pretty neat, but everyone is doing it. If you really want to shake up your fellow drivers, you need a great optical illusion. Maybe like some of these below. ~.^

Van Wilder?
Sports car and van all in one. I know some boys who would have killed to have both back in high school.

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go
This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Give it some gas!" I wish I could get a picture of it, but locally there is a lawn service company that has a truck with a guy riding a lawn mower in a similar style. I've seen it twice in the last few years, but I forget the company name.

I believe the entire series of these truck images are from Germany. I tried researching them but could only find the images, not the information on them. Of course, I didn't spend a lot of time looking. I assume the trucks are draped with the painted canvas, then driven around as a mobile billboard. We have some mobile advertising in Tampa, but nothing like these trucks.

I'd Hate to See a Six-Pack
From this angle it appears the bottle is coming out from the side of the truck. You'd need one hell of a bottle opener for that thing.

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
I'm not sure this would be considered carry-on.

Pepsi Light?
How many times do I have to tell those guys to unload from the top first?

Bass Ackward
Reminds me of the time I was stuck behind a slow tractor-trailer. I got frustrated and changed lanes only to see another semi heading right towards me. I slammed on my brakes and near crapped myself before I realized it was only being towed by a huge tow truck. I'm sure the people behind were not amused by my sudden stop, either. =/

Meals on Wheels for Cats?
Aquaman's RV?

That Truck is Bookin' It
I heard Germans were big readers, but I never knew how big!

Now That's Spicy!
If they could get some smoke to wisp out as it drove around ,it'd be a really cool effect. This one is my favorite.

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Dave said...

I have seen these before. They're old news. And your other one was too preachy. The trucks looked better than the other ones I saw before tho. You got a weird-@$$ blog, dude! lolz

Raivynn said...

Yes, all of those pictures have been around the Web for a while. I am not claiming to have found them. I apologize if my post made you believe I was. I did ,however, clean up the images I swiped off the 'Net. Formatted for size, cleaned up and brightened the images. Glad you noticed.

My 'preachy' post was not too preachy, I thought. It was intended to be subtle, but if you saw a message in there, yes, it was intentional. No apologies for that. :)

I'm not sure my blog is weird. I've seen much, much weirder. I don't have any particular theme I stick to for it. Hence the subtitle of "Musing on a Little Bit of Everything". ~.^

Thanks for the comment. Checked your linked site. Been a while since you posted. The name is hilarious and I particularly liked the color changing background.

Anonymous said...

trucks are clearly photoshopped. same background every time, even if it's with motion blur that one time. still nice, but blatantly not real

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