Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fruit Sculptures - A Vegan's Nightmare

Today the local rag printed an article in the Flavor section about Saxton Freymann, a children's books author that uses fruit and vegetables carved into playful faces. Freymann beleives each fruit or vegetable has its own unique personality hidden inside which he calls forth with deft strokes of his tools.

The sculptures he creates are cute and amazing. Though die hard vegetarians might be put off by their formarly guilt-free-to-eat food now having faces.

La La La La La
A Blue Pepper
Tommy Tomato
Tommy and Mommy Tomato
Orange You Listening To Me?
Settle Down, You Little Squirts!
Always One in a Crowd
March of the Happy footed Eggplants
Trust Me
Don't Step in a Poodle
This Pad is Hopping
This'd Be Easier with Hands ...

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Vegan Scott said...

I'm a vegan and I don't mind the faces on the fruit. :)

In fact, I think I'll post about them at the Vegan Forums. Thanks!

Raivynn said...

I was being facetious with the vegan/vegetarian comments. No offense intended. I've had vegetarian friends, but never a true vegan friend.

Myself, I love vegetables. Fruit is okay, but the acids in most of them tend to make my tummy acidy, too.

I'm going ot look over your the site you posted. Maybe I'll learn something. I already looked thru those forums you posted and the short quote about 4.8 pounds of grain to feed a cow for 1 pound of meat was enlightening.