Tuesday, February 13, 2007

World's Finest

Here is another really cool fan film called World's Finest. It is done in a theatrical trailer format, as if this was a real cinematic release coming out. It confused more than a few people as word of it made rounds of the Internet back in 2004. The film is based on DC comics' series of the same name.

The fan film uses the same actor for Batman from Batman: Dead End, Clark Bartram. Superman is played by Mike O'Hearn and he makes a (pardon the pun) super Superman. Had he played Supes in Superman Returns instead of Brandon Routh, I'd have been happy. (Though Routh seemed to channel Christopher Reeve so well in that movie, it was eerie). Lex Luthor is played by Kurt Carley, and he makes a fantastic Luthor. Two-Face is not what I ever imagined him to be, and is the weakest main character in this short film. They could have possibly used a different villain from the Batman mythos to better effect. He's not bad, per se, just doesn't jibe with my internal vision of the character. The actress who plays Lois Lane here was much better than her counterpart from Superman Returns.

The same people who made Batman: Dead End made this fan film. As with the earlier Batman film, I would love to see a real movie like this short one.

Below is a YouTube version of the fan film. Much better version can be found at TheForce.Net, along with other information.

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