Tuesday, February 6, 2007

It's So Cold the Tide Freezes

Okay, double post for today. (Even though I wrote the first one last night).

I know a lot of you, my good readers, are from up North. You have suffered some awfully cold weather the last few days, and you may be interested to see what kind of oddities that cold weather can do. For your viewing pleasure, here is a video of tide that freezes as soon as it comes in. Very cool!

I have no idea where this is, but it must be damn cold for the tide to come in frozen. Not only is it cool to watch, it's kind of pretty, too. It's a fairly long video, over 5 minutes, but it's worth it to see how the frozen tide just keeps building up and up and up ...

If you couldn't tell, this was swiped from Ebaum's World.


Dawn said...

Wow that looks cold. I bet it must have looked awesome in real life. I live in the south and don't see snow. Have any of you north people seen stuff like that before?

Hawkman said...

That was really interesting. I'm not so sure that it is really that cold their and that it was the tide that was freezing as it came in. Take a look again at the locals. Most are not wearing hats or gloves and several are not even wearing coats. There is one guy wearing only a t-shirt and shorts! The locals are even amazed at whatever is happening. Could it be an iceberg coming ashore? I'm not sure...but as one who is currently living in sub-zero temps...it doesn't look that cold there.

Raivynn said...

I did some research on this, and while I found no specific scientific stuff i could point you all to, I did find a wide plethora of personal accounts.

This was not the actual water coming in and freezing as it spilled up onto the beach. Rather, the water was covered with ice, and as the tide moved in (with warmer water), it moved the ice into the beach, piling it up as you see in the video.

Likley this was taken in warmer winter temps, explaining the lack of heavy winter clothing and how the tide was able to push the ice up.

Apparantly, while not a common occurance, it happens enough to noted and, according to some accounts, can be dangerous and even cause structural damage to buildings close to the water's edge when the ice begins to pile up and move.

I should have reserched this better before posting, but not much was easily looked up as the video was so new. A few days later more and more comments are being made, allowing me to Google the info.

Hawkman said...

...cooool! (pun intended!) Yeah, I thought that snow was going to crush that building! Thanks for the "rest of the story" too!