Monday, February 5, 2007

Superb Owl Sunday

Only you Can Prevent Giving a HootThe Colts may have beaten the Bears, but neither of them could come close to beating Sunday, the Superb Owl!

Oh, c'mon. You know you smiled at that. Maybe even giggled. Didja think the title was a typo?

I'm known for my horrible typos in certain circles. Oh, sure, the blog is usually pretty typo free. I use spellcheck on it and two or three proof readings, yet I still have them slip through now and again. I can't help it, though. It's just in me to misspell, it's part of who I am. I have Type O blood.

Okay, okay. I'll stop. You've been pun-ished enough.

I'm glad the Colts won. I was rooting for them. Well, rooting for Tony Dungy, to be precise. I always liked Dungy. I wish he never left Tampa. Gruden is all right, but he won the Superbowl that first year with Dungy's team and a lot of Dungy's coaches. So, yeah ... Dungy deserved this win.

I didn't watch the game, though. I rarely do.

Usually on Superbowl Sunday, I'll take the kids out somewhere. To the movies, bowling, laser tag, or whatever. The crowds are a lot less because everyone is at home, or at a bar, watching the game. Restaurants are less crowded too. Except those bar-n-grill joints with a kajillion TVs hanging from the walls like glowing cubes of Damocles awaiting the proper moment to rip themselves from the wall and brain unsuspecting customers.

If I'm home, and watching television, I'll flip over to the game occasionally. Just to check the score. But with computer advancements, you can get score feeds sent right to your screen, watch animated, real time updates at, and even watch the highly touted Superbowl ads.

That's the real reason I watch the game at all. For the commercials. They are usually more entertaining than the game anyhow. But, if you are like me this year and did not watch the game, how can you see those commercials?

Why, you go to websites that have captured them and put them up for you to watch at your leisure.

Ebaum's World has done just that. They seem to run in chronological order with the first shown at the bottom and the last show at the top. I watched all of them and was not overly impressed this year.

Budweiser's ads were not very funny to me. If the slapping thing they lampooned takes off, I'm going to Busch Gardens and start slapping everyone in sight. There were a total of 9 Budweiser ads during the Superbowl. the only one I thought was funny, and somewhat of a comment about our state of mind, is the "Rock-Paper-Scissors" one. The Wedding one was okay, too. It says something when about 15% (9 of 62) Superbowl ads were for Budweiser.

Other humorous, but not outstanding ads were from Sierra Mist, Taco Bell, and Fed Ex. Doritos had a couple ads, but I didn't like them much.

There were two ads that I did like, though.

The first is a return of the Blockbuster's Ray and Carl, a CG guinea pig and rabbit voiced by Jim Belushi and James Woods, who live across the street from a Blockbuster. The old commercials were always funny, and they first appeared in 2002's Superbowl ads. I have my issues with Blockbuster, but I love the Ray and Carl commercials. Here is the one from last night's game:

But my favorite favorite ad is from newcomer Garmin. They debuted a fantastic old school monster battle advert between "Garmin Man, The Champion of Personal Navigation"and "Mapasuarus". It brings me back to when I was little and watched Ultraman before and after school and on Saturday mornings. I sure do love those man-in-suit shows ... Ultraman, Godzilla, Gamera, any of those old 50's and 60's mega-monster movies. Here is the commercial:

There are tons of more related fun stuff on YouTube and at Garmin. There are interviews with Garmin Man and Mapasaurus at YouTube, along with a few others things. Garmin's main site has links to an Extended Commercial, a music video, downloads, and pictures of other Driving Demons like Trafficdactyl and Wireannasaurus Mess, as well as the low down on Garmin Man's arsenal.

Maybe I could make my own giant monster movies starring Superb Owl Sunday. He could battle the evil, polluting forces that try to keep people from watching football like Litter In-law, Honeydo CO2, and Kid Tantrum.

He could even have a theme song!

"Superb Owl, Superb Owl,
He's our feathered super pal!
Screeches loud, he gives a Hoot,
Catches guys, who pollute.
Hey now! It's Sunday the Superb Owl!"

Hmmm, I know I've heard that tune somewhere before ...

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Russell said...

I loved the Blockbuster commercial too.

Regarding the beer commercials, I wouldn't be disappointed if they were all done by Budweiser and Miller. They are the only ones that I think "get" Super Bowl commercials, and it's the perfect demographic for them!