Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why Spellcheck Is So Important

I was going to do today's blog post on something entirely different. A post about Love, about Friendship. A post on Valentine's Day traditions. Then I saw this.

You Should See What You Use to Butter It
Just what kind of grocery store is this? Victoria's Secret & Deli?

This isn't the worst typo, misspelling, or ignorant usage of words I've seen, by far. I have contributed my fair share to the torquing of text, the warping of words, the subversion of sentences. Daily.

One of the most embarrassing, yet funniest, slips of the type was done by my mother. She was a church secretary and put together the weekly Sunday bulletin. The main section of which was composed of a short message from the pastor. He would hand write what he wanted put in that week, and my mom would transcribe it on the computer, then add it to the bulletin.

One week, the pastor's mini-message was on promoting fellowship within the congregation, especially with those members with which you may have issues. The final line admonished "God commands us to love others, as He loves us. Make an effort to befriend those brethren you avoid. Work out your problems with them, through the Grace of our Lord, and you will find a new friend, and more fulfillment in your worship, than if you continued ducking them in church."

Wonderful words.

Or, they would have been had the "d" and "f" keys weren't so close on the keyboard. A most "fowl" typo, indeed.

I do not know how the spellcheck missed it. I do not know how my mother, myself, and the pastor missed it in proofreading. The congregation surely didn't miss it ... all 400+ of them ... loudly, with great shock, and not a little laughter.

My mother paid much closer attention to her typed word from then forward. As did the rest of the church. ~.^

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Russell said...

Oh My! Now that is a serious typo! Makes me very nervous since I'm the one that puts ours together...

Anonymous said...

That was ducking hilarious dude! Thongs for sharing. LOL