Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Toilet Humor

Create Your Own CaptionRan across this cute picture.

Decided to have a contest to see who can make the funniest caption for it. The winner will receive a prize of photo-manipulation caricature of themselves, or other person they want. Winner must provide the original digital photo. contest ends Friday, March 2nd, Noon EST.

I'll start off with a few (that won't count):

"OMG, that is the last time I eat at that Chinese restaurant!"

"Ma'am, we've found the clog in your toilet ... and your missing cat."

"I dunno why my humans complain about this job. Who needs scrub brushes?"

Today's Penny Doubled Daily Cumulative Amount for 58 days is:



Doug E. Pudge said...

So you've decided to jump on the contest band wagon eh! Alrighty then I'll bite:

"I know I saw that mouse in here somewhere"

"Where'd that turd go, I haven't covered it over yet"

"Yeah, it's a little damp around here but I call it home"

Have a wonderfully blessed day today.

Bruiser said...

And the cat's in the toilet and it's half past noon,
Big mama came and she showed me the moon,
Now I'm lyin' here tryin' to breathe again,
I'm gonna get her when I can, yeah,
I'm gonna scratch her eyes out then.

Raivynn said...

I've got one word ...


Bruiser, you're a man after my own heart! Wish I knew Flash, cuz that'd be an instant viral hit!

Hawkman said...

...crapper napper!

Doug E. Pudge said...

Well here it is March 2 and it is after 12 est and I don't see where you've selected a winner! I figure that it's going to Bruiser but we need the official word. B4T

Anonymous said...

Ladies Tip 4 Public Toilets:
Never sit on the seat....keep your pussy clean!