Friday, February 23, 2007

New Blog - Raivynn Reviews

I've started a second blog to house the various reviews I will be writing. It called Raivynn Reviews and is hosted at Wordpress.

Raivyn Reviews: Movies, DVDs, Books, Games, and More ...
I wasn't going to open the new blog up until I had several reviews written and posted. But, I wanted some opinions on the layout.

By all means read the single review which is there, but I'd really appreciate any comments regarding how it all looks. Is there enough information? Is there more information you'd like to see? Stuff like that.

I am fairly well satisfied with the general layout I've worked up. Obviously books, games, and such will be slightly different than the movie's style.

You can post the comments here or there.

On a side note, I got rid of those annoying borders around the posted images on this blog. That is one very nice thing Blogger has over WordPress ... the ability to change your CSS code without payiong to do it. =/

Also, tomorrow's Roost blog entry may be really, really late. I'm taking the family to the Renaissance Festival. ^.^

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