Saturday, February 10, 2007

Let 'er Rip!

I'm not sick today. I actually feel pretty doggone good. I'm even taking the kiddies out to the library and the park to fly some new kites I bought. Slight breeze today, so that'll help. They are a two-pack of kites I bought at the dollar store. I'll probably need all the help I can get from wind. ~.^

Speaking of wind, I have some breaking news:

Ha! Gotcha! And you thought it was more fart jokes. Tsk tsk.

Enjoy your day everyone! ^.^

Today's Penny Doubled Daily Cumulative Amount for 41 days is:



Dawn said...

How did the kite flying with your kids go? You did get me , too. HaHa
What does the dog say to the hippo?

Raivynn said...

kire flying went well. you can read about it, and other stuff, in tomorrow's (today's) post. And, I don't know what the dog said to the hippo. I'm sure it wasn't pleasant. heh