Sunday, February 11, 2007

Batman: Dead End

I've always been a fan of superheroes. I collected comics when I was little. I even collected comics as recently as the early to mid 90's. Unfortunately, all the comics I had from my youth were burned in a fit of religous zeal by mother. (I had some very rare comics in that stash, too. *sigh*).) Now, I borrow comic compilations from my local libraries. Yeah, I still love to read them.

My favorite superheroes are (in no particular order) Spider-Man, Batman, Iceman & Beast (from X-Men), Hulk, She-Hulk (love her new series), Raven (from Teen Titans), and the Fantastic Four.

I'll read, or watch, most any superhero comic or movie. You can find a ton of superhero fan films on the Web, if you look. Some are good, some are horrible, most fall in between. One of my favorites is Batman: Dead End.

Batman: Dead End PosterI saw Batman: Dead End a few years ago online. It is one of the best fan movies I have ever seen. If there ever was a real movie based on this short film, you bet your bippy I'd be there to see it. Downloadable versions, and a Making Of Featurette, can be found at (Tons of other great fan films are there, as well!)

The actors in this are fantastic. The sets are great, the sound is perfect, and the directing & editting seems extremely well done. Makes me wonder what these guys could do with a big budget. And, the story ... The story will blow your mind.

For those of you not minding a slighty non-pristine version, or who do not want to dowload a large file to their computer, I stumbled across a copy on good ol' YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

Dat wuz cool! Got any more?

Bruiser said...

wow..that was good. Very well done indeed! Thanks!

Raivynn said...

Yeah, I know of a few other good fan films. If I can find them on YouTube i'll put them up, and link to them at their regular hosted sites. Just bear in mind I did not make these, I only posted the already made movies.

Anonymous said...

I know u didn't make it. Show them other ones 2 plz.