Sunday, February 18, 2007

DVP: Donkey Vs. Predator

DVP: Donkey Vs. Predator
(CG animation from China. Run time: >10 minutes)

You gotta love it! Merging Shrek and AVP into a cute short movie involving a flying donkey (offspring of Donkey and Dragon from Shrek) and an inept, chibi-style Predator is sheer genius.

Toss in a few flies with attitude, some severed heads of well-known icons, the Engrish (fractured English) used in the very beginning, and you've got a perfect video for watching to make self happy. ~.^

I love the Shrek series, and am anxiously awaiting Shrek the Third, due out May 18th of this year. I also enjoyed both Predator movies, and consider that series to be underrated. AVP (Aliens vs. Predator) was a waste of my time to watch, combining two great franchises into one murky mess.

Speaking of movies, my next to go see is either Ghost Rider or Bridge to Terabithia. It'll depend on if my mother wants to go with me or not. She wouldn't not watch Ghost rider, but Terabithia is one she's been talking about wanting to see.

I plan on seeing more movies this year, and writing reviews of them. Someone told me I should make a separate blog site for my reviews, and I've begun looking into that. I'll keep you all posted.

(Like I need to have a third blog when I don't even write for my fiction one. hehehe)

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