Monday, February 5, 2007

Art Appreciation Day

Here is some of my art. Appreciate it! ^.^;;

The spread winged raven below is used as my sig on several forums I haunt. It is a transparent PNG file with the text and main image highlighted by using a Drop Shadow effect. The actual image is a bit bigger than this one (500px wide compared to this 400x). The tail shadows are truncated because I sorta of messed up when creating it, but then realized it needed to be that way due to the allowed sig size limitation.

You ARE the Wind Beneath My Wings
A Dubious TitleThis little image is of my elementalist from Guild Wars. I use her as an avatar at some forums. She is wearing an older suit of armor and a 'shopped on jester's cap. There is a new, in-game jester's cap, but I like my faux one better. The title of Guild Jester was given to me for my bad puns, awful jokes, and silly antics. I wear the badge with pride ... and a little embarrassment.

Just Be Glad There is No
This image was 'shopped from some Internet one I swiped using Google Images. I just made the moon a waffle and the rays yellow because in my GW guild we have a fellow we call Waffle. He is always called upon to help with tough missions or hard runs. So I made this for him as a joke a looong time ago. He's been missing for a few weeks, but today he posted he was alive and well, just busy. So I am happy, and the breakfast pastries of the world are rejoicing.

Yo Ho Yo Ho An Elfish Life For MeLast, but not least, for this little impromptu gallery showing, is an image I did over the Christmas holidays. It began as an off the cuff remark in-game and turned into one of the mind nibbling ideas that would not stop until I let it out. This is the result. It was actually used by Tek Phreak in one of is videos, but I cannot find the link to it. I composited dozens of images to make it, and did all sorts of picture trickery to it.

Mmmmmm ... PeppermintOops, I lied. This is the last image. I made it as a companion piece to the Santa Jack Sparrow one above. Believe it or not, this one gave me more trouble. Lousy candy canes wouldn't render right for the longest. Grrrr.

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Russell said...

Very nice! I love art, especially graphic design!!