Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hug A Friend Day

Just a short post today to say that friends and loved ones are very precious. Take a moment to let them know you love and appreciate them, and then give 'em a big ol' bear hug!

Today's Penny Doubled Daily Cumulative Amount for 60 days is:



Melissa said...

That's so cute! You made that? What's that font??

Raivynn said...

No, I didn't make this one. I actually swiped it from here. Then I cleaned it up and modified it for use on my blog.

I found it using Google Images with key words "love hug bear". If you do bear hug, you can find all sorts of cute pics of bears hugging. I prolly should have used on of those and did the caption myself, but i got lazy.

I mean, I had no time because I was out hugging all my loved ones. Yeah, that it. >_>

I am not sure what font that is. It is a striking font, which led me to choose the image instead of making my own.

Most of the images you see on the blog are modified existing ones. some drastically, some minutely.