Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pop the Tank and Pop a Pill

America is pill crazy.

We have pills to help you sleep, pills to help you stay awake. We have pills to help you lose weight and pills to help you bulk up. We have pills for depression, anxiety, and psychoses. There are pills for aches. There are pills for pains. Pills to aid your sex life. Pills to stop smoking. Pills to grow hair. Pills to give you better gas mileage.


Pills for better gas mileage?

Now, I think things may have gone too far.

Fuel Freedom International (FFI) is touting a new capsule that you pop into your car's fuel tank to "[burn] fuel more cleanly and quickly."

This new automotive wonder-drug is called MPG-CAP™. Small, brown pills in a blister-pack that look a bit like compressed sawdust, or maybe some of that organic, herbal stuff you find in the "hippie" aisle of your local drug store. (Not that organic herb pills are bad, I use Golden Seal myself).

FFI claims, in layman's terms, that MPG-CAP™ works similar to how a non-stick frying pan works. It coats "the combustion chamber of your engine with sacrificial catalytic coating." This basically means it will help keep gunk from forming in your cylinders, which they claim will give you better performance and more gas mileage by running smoother and cleaner.

You pop the "recommended dosage" into your gas tank. The fuel carries the dissolved compounds into your engine, and coats the inside cylinders through heat activation via the combustion process. Their website uses a lot of fancy terms like "infinite nano-phase surface area" and "in cylinder rate shaping." The above teflon-coating analogy was also paraphrased from their site, so at least FFI realizes big terms might make the heads hurt of people who might actually use this.

FFI also claims their product is not an additive like other purported fuel system treatments, rather it is an "engine efficiency supplement."

I don't know about you, but if you ADD it to your fuel via the gas tank, it is an additive.

I doubt this product works as claimed, and tests done by independent agencies showed no conclusive proof that MPG-CAP™ increased gas mileage or engine performance.

I just thought the idea of giving you car a pep pill was hilarious!

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Dawn said...

I like when you do the article type blog things better than the short one. Even if the cows were funny. Do more of these please!!

Kep said...

Hello everyone.. I want to tell you that I am using the MPG CAP. It does work. I have so many others that are now using the MPG CAP that said it was a joke.. They are not saying that now. Do a search on the internet for the product.. Buy just 10 caps for 20 bucks plus shipping.. Try them.. They will work for you.. I myself get over 150 miles more per tank full improvement. You can call it what you wish. Just try it.. Or just keep spending 3 bucks a gallon on gas and don't complain about it. We cant control the price of fuel.. But we can control how far we get with the fuel we buy.
I do not sell this stuff..