Saturday, March 3, 2007

Dash of This, Sprinkle of That

Another pointless post today.

Going out to the mall with the family for lunch in about 30 minutes. Food courts rock. Everyone can get what they want. I'm hitting Chick-Fil-A for a sandwich and Cherry Coke, then hitting Twinz for a Chicago Dog (best hotdogs around). Tyler will likley get some Chik-Fil-A with me, his brother Tim said he wanted Chinese. This boy would rather eat fruits and veges than anything else. It's a good habit, but kind of weird in a kid. My mother is getting egg drop soup at the Chinese place, and an onion and kraut dog at Twinz.

Not sure what is planned for right after. I tried to talk her into going to see a movie ... either "Ghost Rider" or "The Astronaut Farmer." We'll probably come home and watch "Flushed Away" on DVD since we've not even opened it yet, and we bought it last week.

I made a signature image for my World of Warcraft character:

Could You Massage My Shoulders, Please?
I also found another optical illusion involving vehicles like the ones in my previous post:

Now That Is Some Tight Parking
I know the county was cutting back on it's public transportation budget, but this is ridiculous!

It's the New Air-Conditioned Model
For those of you keeping up with the Penny Doubled Daily, we are now in the quadrillions as of six days ago. The next stage is quintillion in just a few days.

Today's Penny Doubled Daily Cumulative Amount for 62 days is:


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