Friday, March 2, 2007

Later and Longer

Amazing what a few hours and a good meal will do for a body.

I'm feeling much better and will elaborate some on the below post.

Plop Plop Fuzz Fuzz Oh What a Relief It WasBruiser has won the Caption Contest with this little ditty about our potty kitty:

"And the cat's in the toilet and it's half past noon,
Big mama came and she showed me the moon,
Now I'm lyin' here tryin' to breathe again,
I'm gonna get her when I can, yeah,
I'm gonna scratch her eyes out then."

I also liked Doug's "I know I saw that mouse in here somewhere" caption, and Hawkman's "crapper napper" made me choke on my water.

And, since you three were the only readers brave enough to enter the contest, I'll do a photo caricature for each of you. If you want one done, let me know and we'll work out how to get me the pictures to work off of.

Check out the caricatures of two well-known figures I hastily did a little while to demonstrate what I am planning ...

BEFOREAFTER - 'I, errr ... meant to get my hunting license.'
BEFOREAFTER - 'My fellow 'Mercans ...'

Today's Penny Doubled Daily Cumulative Amount for 61 days is:



Anonymous said...

You shouldn't oughtta be making fun of our leaders like that. Are you some sort of terrorist sympathizer or something? I hope you get blown up by one!

Raivynn said...

You found me out. My real name is Ally Kida ... no wait ... it's Terry Wrist.

Loosen up, O Hider Behind Anonymity. It is all in fun.

Somehow, I don't think our erstwhile pres and his second would be offended by my little goofy caricatures of them. I mean, they do have senses of humor. You can't look like either of them and not be able to laugh at yourself.

Besides, they are too busy running the country and shooting lawyers to be worried about a two-bit blogger making silly pictures of them. You think?