Monday, March 5, 2007

Signs, Signs ... Everywhere There's Signs - Part 1

TESLA lyrics

The obscure Canadian rock group Five Man Electrical Band got it right with their song "Signs". Tesla did an awesome cover to it many years later. (Lyrics to the right).

A few weeks ago I wrote a satirical article on signs. While signs were the focus of the story, the real humor came from the vagaries of the English language written on those signs.

That got me thinking of all the crazy signs that are out there. So I hunted down a bunch that will make you scratch your head.

Better Git Out the Sponge Tractors Agin, ClemGee, you think?

This is also the same place whose TV station doesn't have a weatherman. They just send the station dog outside. If he comes back wet, it's raining. If he comes back white, it's snowing. If he doesn't come back, aliens probably abducted him. Please stay inside and lock your doors.

Wait for MeeeeeeIf you see this sign be watchful for bicycles rolling around by themselves. There will likely be a Lycra-clad person chasing behind it. Wait at least 20 seconds before proceeding after a bicycle has gone by to allow for slower chasers.

Bada Da Da Daaa ... I'm Waiting For It!I suppose this is the same reason you drive on a parkway, park on a driveway, trucks carry shipments, and boats carry cargo. And, does this make the McDonalds' employee who brings it out to you a carhop? They should make them wear roller skates when they do.

No Funny Saying For This OneLeeds is a fun town. I like going to the park and watching the parents shove their kids out of the car as they speed by the playset.

Do As We Say, Not AS We Do!Oooooo-kay ... right.

This sign does not exist. It is a figment of your imagination. Ignore the sign. No, wait ... don't ignore the sign. But, it's really not there. so, ignore the sign, but don't ignore it? 'k? Please?

More Silly Signs Later ...

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Anonymous said...

The lyric thing was neat. UR jokes for the signs were weak. Plus they all have been shown round the internet allot. and it look all mashed up too! The bear joke was funny tho! :)

Doug E. Pudge said...

When I drive up in northern Michigan there are signs on some of the roads that read "do not pass when opposing traffic is present". I always thought that was a good idea! DUH! B4T

Raivynn said...

I made the demarcation between signs a little more clear.

Glad you liked the lyrics box. As it says along its side, I got it from Go check them out!

And, yeah, my humor is a bit flat on these. I've been dealing with a constant headache for several days, making it hard to concentrate. It was only slight yesterday, but still enough to make thinking difficult.

Pudge: I have seen those signs, too, along some of Floridas two-lane corridors.

I need me a camera phone to snap shots of the other silly signs I seem to find all of the time.