Friday, March 23, 2007

The Cat, the Cow, and the Corpse

I took the kids to go see TMNT today, so no time for a real blog. (The movie was really good, go see it!) Instead, I will share a screenshot of two of my good online friends and myself celebrating after the slaughter of dozens of pink and purple dinosaurs who had stolen somebody's silver. (No, none of the dino's were Barney, more's the pity.)

I'm the Cat (Tauren shape-shifted Druid), Pam is the Cow (Tauren non-shape-shifted Druid), and Bruce is the Corpse (Undead Warlock). The confused blue guy is Bruce's minion; basically a big, blue wall of "beat on me and not them".

We're a pretty good team.

Pam (Stargazr) heals and uses ranged damaging magic. Bruce (Pheava) sends his minion in to absorb and deal damage, as he casts ranged magic. (I like his green life-sucker ray.) And, Moolasses (my druid) rushes in in cat-form to slice, dice, and cause havoc. Works out well.

We use Teamspeak, an online voice chat system, to communicate most of the time. Saves on typing because our fingers are better used for controlling our 'toons in battle.

Besides, you'd hate to see my typos when I do type in game. =/

We're part of the guild Hanshin (meaning demi-god in Japanese) on the Anvilmar server. Tons of helpful people, including a few more good online friends whom I find myself travelling across Azeroth with more often than not. And, who may very well find themselves depicted in this blog at one point or another. ~.^

Today's Penny Doubled Daily Cumulative Amount for 82 days is:



Penguino pepper said...

Ok. You should try Club Penguin. It's quite fun. You are a penguin.

Penguino pepper said...

By the way, I forgot to mention the following in my last comment.

1. Why are there no pirates??
2. Yay! More cows.