Friday, March 30, 2007

Pirate Kitty

I sustained a a mild concussion today when a vehicle barrier drop bar (a metal or PVC tube gate bar thinggie) hit me just above my left temple. I have a raging headache, a large raised bruise, and little tolerance for for real thinking, at the moment.

I'm taking the next day or two off from blogging to give my poor, bruised and abused brain some rest. I'll be back Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Well, unless I feel better before then, or get really, really bored and sneak on to post something.

So until then, here is a cute picture to tide you over:
Steelin UR Doubloons!


Penguino pepper said...

That looks just like Lizzie... Pirate hat and all.

Michael said...

Wow? How in the heck did that bar thing hit you? I hope you feel better

Raivynn said...

Thanks. The swelling is down, there is some bruising, and it feels mostly like a moderate headache except if I bend over, when it becomes very bad.

So, I try to avoid bending over. lol

I got hit by the bar because a car had previously went through and the bar was in the up position. I was on the sidewalk heading into the parking garage and stepped off the curb, heading towards my car when the bar slammed into me.

It was my fault for not being more aware of my surroundings, and the city's fault for not having it clearly demarked, or a barrier, where the bar would be.

It's not like i'm gonna sue the city of Tampa or anything. Unless things get worse. Just a mild concussion, and the doc told me what to do and not do .. of which I am adhereing to most of it ... being on the computer not being one of them. hehe

Kodiak said...

Rrrrrreow, you can't invoke parlay! Walk the plank, matey.

Penguino pepper said...

Seriously. Lizzie would do that. I mean it. Really. She would. The sword and the hat. Really.