Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Questions for My Readers

After a 3-day break I am back!

My head is much better (physically). The swelling is almost completely gone. No blazes of pain triphammering in my temples. No dizziness or nausea. There is a 3-inch oblong welt still visible on my forehead, leading back into the hairline, but that will fade. The spot is still very tender, and bending over still makes it hurt more. Hopefully that, too, will fade soon. Tying my sneakers is a pain in the ... well, head.

While convalescing, there was ample time to ruminate on the direction of the Roost.

It has been three months since I began this blog. In that time there have been over 3,000 visits, and over 4,000 pageviews. Of those visits, approximately 30% are return visits (around 900).

I just don't know if the haphazard manner of how I've been doing the blog is working well, so I'm asking for your opinions.

Do you like the general style of posts I've been doing? The mix of longer musings, oddball news, funny photos, custom created cartoons, and the like.

Are there things you'd like to see more of? Less of? Things you'd like to see eliminated?

Post your opinions in the comments. I promise to read each one and weigh your comments carefully before I go ahead and do what I want anyhow. ~.^

Coming up this week will be more funny signs, and a new Top 10 list you might like. Also, I'll continue with the Penny Doubled Daily and catch up the chart for it on it's own page. On that note. we are into the septillions now.

Today's Penny Doubled Daily Cumulative Amount for 93 days is:



Bruiser said...

Why change? Seems to be working. I keep coming back to see what kind of weirdness you'll post next.

Kodiak said...

Yes, how about giving me all those penny's!

WorshipCity said...

Dude I'm a new reader but enjoy the Roost! You keep me coming back!