Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Perpetual Motion Cracked

Double post today! This news just couldn't wait. Woot!!

Scientists have finally cracked the secret behind a true perpetual motion generator. Two simple items in a single composite create the dynamic required to provide the perpetual motion.

The equation for it is fairly simple: f(x)=k/x. This formula creates and acetonograph which shows that as the composite approaches the ground it will decelerate until it overcomes the force of gravity at which point it will float and all downward kinetic motion will be transferred into a spinning movement.

Well, okay, it sounds complicated when you read it, but watch this video clip below to see it working in action:


Bruiser said...

Now how in the world can anybody NOT like science?!?!?!??

tek said...

If the carpet is LESS than white, does this effect the rotation of the jelly-cat module?

If so, does the rotation of JC module , slow down in proportion of the color of the carpet as it approaches the color of the jelly. (where no stain will be visible)

Can we substitute butter for jelly?

Can we use a mixture of butter and Jelly and two different colors of carpet for additional rotation force?

Bruiser said...

Assuming that the laws of perpetual motion do not fluctuate, the jelly should be indiscriminate about the color of the carpet. The theory was, as stated in the explanation, that jelly landed down "especially" on white carpet.

I would have to say that you could not substitute butter. Butter has more lubricating properties making it that much more difficult for the JCM to begin rotation.

I have no idea about the mixture. Interesting thought, though.