Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ninja Kitty Academy - Disguise Training

More promotional material from the once super-secret Ninja Kitty Academy. This time it is a picture by the famous monochromatic photographer, Ansel Catams.

This haunting shot features Ghost Tiger demonstrating his uncanny ability to disguise himself, using the Me Amhi Ding technique. Ghost Tiger has chosen to disguise himself as a mouse in order to infiltrate the infamouse Deez Nee Cartel.

His skills are simply astounding. Even knowing this Ninja Kitty is a faux mouse, it would take a master of perception to penetrate this perfect disguise. And, to complete the illusion, Ghost Tiger is totally fluent in Rodentalian, as well as Caninese, Fowlish, and seventeen other languages and dialects.

Good Thing He Wasn't Infiltrating The Pachyderm Party

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