Saturday, April 7, 2007

More Signs of the Times - Part 3

Double dose of signs today, because I might not be posting tomorrow for Easter. It really all depends on how things go and if plans fall apart (like usual).

This sign is not a funny sign, but it is unique, and possibly heart-attack inducing.

A casual passer-by might see this and panic. The optical illusion of a child floating under the water is pretty realistic. Makes you wonder how many people dobve in to save ther plastic sign kid, or called 911 for help?

The sign imparts its message pretty well.

The kid walking by in the pic looks as if he doesn't know what to make of it. He's probably thinking, "Wow. I shouldn't have bitched so much when Mom made me wear this stupid red life-jacket in a wading pool that only comes up to my knees."

Mmmmmm ... Donuts!

Actually, from conversations with a few law enforcement acquaintances, and experiences managing a convenience store, most cops get their doughnuts, coffee, or other non-prepackaged goodies free from the vendors.

Technically, they are not supposed to accept them as gifts, and they should pay for the items as any other person. But to foment a higher police presence via return visits, many convenience, mom & pop, or corner grocery stores write-off in-house prepared foods such as coffee, fountain drinks, doughnuts, hot dogs, etc.

I told my crew to offer, for free, those type of goodies to any cop who came in. Take their money if they insisted, of course, but offer it no charge. My store ended up with a plethora of law enforcement from county sheriffs to state troopers making a stop in. In the time I ran the store, there was never a cash robbery; beer runs (swiping a case off a display and bolting out the door), gas drive-offs (pump and not pay), and even general merchandise loss was drastically reduced.

For around $5 or $6 a day, I basically had nigh around-the-clock security. Can't beat that.


This picture is irony in spades. And in more ways than you think.

Sure, you have the dichotomy of the childhood obesity sign plastered above the McDonald's sign. But, look at the woman in the top sign ... it's almost as if she knows what is underneath her, with that resigned look. Then, the girl in Mickey D's sign is brandishing two bags of food. Two bags. That'd be like 20,000 calories of food from any McD's I've been to.

Have you ever been to McDonald's and not had them stuff everything you ordered for your family of four into one bag? It's like they are afraid to waste paper by splitting the food into two or more bags ... yet they'll shove a thick of wad of those thin cellulose napkins on top of everything like they were some sort of curse they cannot wait to be rid of.

What makes this picture even funnier is almost unnoticed in the background. The huge yellow and red sign for a take-out place called M & ??? Kitchen. And, I dunno about you, but I've yet to go to one of those hole-in-the-wall places and gotten anything less than grease drenched food. Always a healthy choice when dining out.

Just read this sign for yourself and wonder how they got away with it on a city bus. ^.^ hehehe

And the Guy Who Okayed This sign was Sofa King High!Makes you wonder if they have another slogan, "Same Day Deliveries! Sofa King Fast! Those Other Guys are Just Half Fast."

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