Monday, April 30, 2007

Boring Stuff You Probably Don't Want to Read

No real post today. I'm taking the day off. I'm not sick (more than usual). I'm not depressed (more than usual). I do have a sort of pressure headache from allergies (more than usual).

I finally got level 40 on my WoW Druid, Moolasses.

I spent literally all day grinding out the level yesterday. I must have played about 10 hours. Level 40 brings new dimension to your toon ... you can get a mount. This allows you to go much faster than if on foot. Level 40 mounts go 60% faster than normal run speed.

As a Druid, I have a Travel form (a cheetah) that allows me to travel at 40% faster than normal foot speed. Technically, I didn't need the mount, as my Travel Form is actually more versatile, if slower, than using a mount. I can quickly change back and forth between forms, even in combat, which allows me to make speedy get-aways when things go bad. (And, they do go bad). Mounts require several seconds to summon, and you cannot do it in combat, let alone fight while mounted.

The mount is more of a status thing as it requires 90 to 100 gold to get the riding training and mount.

Here is Moolasses on her shiny, new Kodo mount. The only thing big enough for the huge Tauren race to ride around on.Other notes of interest:

  • The Penny Doubled Daily amount is in the decillions. This is mathematically notated as 1033.
  • After 4 months online, the Roost has had 3,825 visits with 5,757 pageviews.
  • 1,104 (or 28.86%) are Return Visitors. (That's you guys ^.^)
  • The most popular page (aside from the main page) is the Penny Doubled Daily page
  • The top 5 search phrases that bring people to the Roost are:

    1. "penny doubled" - There are numerous variations on this, all wanting to know how much a penny doubled daily for 30 days (or longer) is. I've no way to accurately gauge the specific number of hits for those phrases, but it is significant.

    2. "jesus remains" - This one is from people who were interested in James Cameron's documentary about the supposed physical remains of Jesus.
    3. "raivynn" - What can I say? People love to Google me. ~.^ (I know I'm not the only Raivynn out there in cyberland ... but the proliferation of my previous 'Net name, Vixenkitty, astounds me. Used ot be my old 'Net debris was the only stuff you found searching under that name. Now there are dozens of vixenkittys, even a clothing brand. But I coined the name back in early '93 and consider myself the true, original owner of it. So there. Mmmph!).
    4. "gasparilla boobs" - I did an article about Gasparilla as my 18th blog post. In it, I briefly mentioned how, like Marti Gras, many women expose their breasts for beads and trinkets. Somehow, have the words Gasparilla and boobs in the same article spawned dozens of hits from people looking for such images (which there are none on my blog, so stop looking!!!). This little blurb will likely get me another few dozen hits for saying gasparilla boobs. Oops, I did it again! ~.^
    5. "dog phrases" & "chicken eating cow" were tied with several dozen hits. The first leads to my Sick as a Dog article and the latter to my post about the cow in India that eats live chickens. That one sparked the infamous Cow Week on the Roost.

Now, I imagine if I went through all 2,047 search engine phrases that led to my site, I could compile a really accurate description of what people typed in to get her.But, I'm lazy and ain't gonna. =P

Okay, so I made a fairly long, and involved, post. And it likely bored you to tears. I thought you might need a break from the uber-cute Ninja kitty posts, though. Did it help?

Today's Penny Doubled Daily Cumulative Amount for 32 days is:



Swinging Sammy said...

I don't quite understand WoW, and I'm pretty sure my wife is happy I don't. She says I play enough without adding another!

Dawn said...

More ninja kittys!

Bruiser said...

Take a walk on down to my place, Sammy...I'll show ya WoW. I'm sure both our wives would appreciate that. LOL

Thanks for the break from the kitties. I don't quite understand them anyway. Their far away culture is very difficult for us westerners to wrap our minds around. Or maybe it's just me. Yeah, that's probably it.