Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Top 10 Clues That You May Be Addicted To WoW

Top 10 Clues That You May Be Addicted To WoW

#10 - You see a retention pond and wonder what sort of fish are there and if they will raise your Fishing skill.

#9 - You call Corvettes, Mustangs, and other sports cars Epic Mounts.

#8 - When you go out to eat you order Heavy Kodo Stew and Sweet Nectar for the stat boosts and mana regen.

#7 - If a friend says "Let's do KFC for lunch!" and you rack your brain trying to remember what instance that is.

#6 - You try to convert real world item prices into Gold, Silver, and Copper equivalents.

#5 - You can remember every guild members main toon, their alts, their classes, levels, and professions, but forget family birthdays, anniversaries, and special holidays.

#4 - You call backyard barbecues "Burning Crusades".

#3 - You take personal days/call in sick/play hooky so you can make the guild raid.

#2 - You know the history of Azeroth better than the history of your own country.

#1 - You can think of several more Clues your addicted to Wow.

If you come up with any, drop them in the comments section for all of us to read!

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Michael said...

I am cheap. Cant afford to play WoW. I play lastChaos

LastChaos is like WoW's poor cousin who lives in the projects, It's like it, but costs less. Er, It's free.

Hektos/Felbane said...

You know youre addicted to WoW when...

1- youre out hunting with your best friend and you start screaming "Use your freakin arcane shot you newb!"

Bruiser said...

You eagerly check your mailbox each day to see if any of your auction items have sold.