Friday, March 9, 2007

Blame it on the Mudpuppy!

Since Mudpuppy stole my blog idea for today, I've not got anything planned. *sigh*

Heh, he didn't actually steal it. He merely beat me to it. So now, because of him, you have a ... dare I say it? ... A Fart Filler!!!

I present for your visual, auditory, but thankfully not olfactory, pleasure ...

The Belgium Farting Pig!

All I have to say is ... "Those poor, poor chickens."

This is a clip from a Belgian children's show. Apparantly, flatulant anthropomorphic porcines are considered high entertainment for kids in Belgium. I can see hordes of school children running about, singing the catchy little tune and blasting farts at one another while smiling parents and teachers in gasmasks watch the playful antics.

You have to admit the tune gets into your head. Now, every time you feel a fart coming on, you'll start humming this little ditty. It'll be like an early warning system to those around you.

I think it's hilarious they subtitle the farts. The phrase, "fopje flauw mopje" roughly translates to "little fools tell insipid little jokes."

Don't forget to thank Mudpuppy for this fine flatulant Friday filler. ~.^

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acwo said...

Nice blog, I like it :)
Keep it up.

Hawkman said...

...that is one gassy little porker!

Russell said...