Monday, March 26, 2007

USPS Joins Forces with R2-D2

No, those R2-D2 mailbox look-alikes you may have seen in your town are not some new hoax by Cartoon Network. But I've figured out where the new stamp price increase revenue is going ... ~.^

Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You've Got My Only Stamp!Here is the official press release from the United States Postal Service from March 15th:

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tomorrow morning in our neighborhoods and street corners not so far, far away, hundreds of official U.S. Postal Service blue collection boxes will be transformed into Star Wars character R2-D2 look-alikes to promote an exciting new adventure on which the U.S. Postal Service is embarking on with Lucasfilm Ltd.

For anybody who missed seeing a Star Wars movie in the 30 years since the first installment was released, R2-D2 is the feisty little droid who embodies the trust and dependability for which the Postal Service is so renowned.

The R2-D2 collection boxes will temporarily replace boxes in highly visible locations across the country. Customers can, of course drop mail into them just like any other of our 280,000 collection boxes, but there's a striking difference visually. Not only do the R2-D2 boxes look like the ever-popular Star Wars character, they feature the address of a website that gives clues about the real meaning behind this unprecedented promotion -

More details about the promotion will be announced March 28. Look for the R2-D2 mailbox near you... until then, "May the Force be with you."

My guess is the USPS is gearing up to release a commemorative stamp for Star Wars' 30th Anniverssary. Maybe a set of stamps. We;ll find out in a few days (March 28th) on the website.

The boxes went up March 15th in 400 cities across America. has a listing of all 400 cities here. Unfortunately, there is no definitive listing of where in those cities the 'droid-like mailboxes can be found. You'll have to go all Boba Fett and hunt them down yourself.

For those bounty hunters in you that may be thinking about capturing an R2-D2 box on more than just digital film, be warned that these are still US Postal mailboxes and tampering, or worse, stealing them is considered a federal crime.

May the Force be with you!

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