Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Updates 05/09

I received an e-mail from Tek's wife. The echo cardiogram was completed and found that Tek's heart was working at only 30%. Tomorrow he has the heart cath done and more will be determined from that.

Tek's blood pressure is down, and that is good, but he will be on BP and other heart meds the rest of his life.

The doctor told Tek's wife "1) He will get better at 50% heart capacity maximum. 2) He will remain the same at 30% heart function 3) He will get worse and be put on a heart transplant list and/or not get better and end up in heaven."

Please keep Tek and his wife in your thoughts and prayers.

I spent the day at the foot doctor and found out I have the beginnings of arthritis in my feet. Which explains the foot pain I have been getting. It can keep company with the arthritis in my knee, back, and hand. They can throw a party ... BYOT. Bring your own Tylenol!

I've put off doing the allergy tests due to lackaloot. I just don't have the money. Or a job. Which is how you get money. Or insurance. So, I'll deal with the sinus headaches, stuffy nose, itchy, watery eyes, and other ailments from allergies and keep using the Advair for bad breathing days. At least for now.

With my best friend in serious health trouble, it sure puts my own new, minor issues in perspective. =/

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dawn said...

I remember your videos posted here, Tek. And I know you cannot see this yet. But I hope you get better and you have my family and my church praying for you. You gotta make another video when you are better, okay? Hugs and Prayers, Dawn

David said...

Prayers sent. Would be happy to donate allergy meds. ???