Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Laser Fart

Farts. Must be a filler.

I was going to do a nice post today, but ended up running errands from 8am until now, which is ... 2pm. So I'm fairly wiped out. (No fart pun intended).

I decided that I would show a super-hero movie for those of you who missed seeing Spider-Man 3. Rumors are this guy will be in the fourth installment as Spidey's side-kick. Okay, not really, but it couldn't be worse than Sandman, Venom, and New Goblin. *sigh*

Good thing the lasers seem to coalesce outside his pants. Can you imagine the wardrobe bill this guy would have other wise? And, just throwing this out, if those are dry farts, I wonder what a wet one would be like?

Today's Penny Doubled Daily Cumulative Amount for 135 days is:



Bruiser said...

Wow...better watch my step, huh? Wouldn't want to end up like that guy!!

Swinging Sammy said...

perhaps some sore of flap system could be arranged, so that he wouldn't need to buy new pants everytime he used his super powers!