Thursday, May 10, 2007

eBay - Weird Al

The supposed highest bidder on the General Lee car from "The Dukes of Hazard" has welshed on his record, nearly $10 million bid.

I wonder how many bids turn out to be fake on eBay? Probably as many items posted for sale.

I admit I'm scared to buy off eBay. Even though I know people who buy and sell through eBay with no problems at all, I am still petrified to do it.

Anywho, Weird Al has a great song about eBay and someone made a video out of it. So, here you go! ~.^

UPDATE: Tek should be going home Friday. He'll be on medications and have some drastic changes to lifestyle to make (food, exercise, stress, etc.), but for now it doesn't appear as if any surgeries or other procedures are needed. Tek's wife wanted to thank everyone for their prayers for strength during this crisis and for guiding the doctors during the tests. Prayer for continued improvement and strength is still appreciated.

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Bruiser said...

The video was GREAT! I'm not wild about ebay either. Kinda' strange folks sellin' kinda' strange stuff out there. :D

Penguino pepper said...

Hi. It's me . I'm back. I like the ninja kitty academy.
Can I join?

Conner said...

I used to be a eBay freak. I calmed down a little bit lately. I LOVE WEIRD AL! That guy is a genius and hilarious. I usually find his lyrics and such more fascinating and better than the originals! Hilarious! I know people hate him but thanks. I loved that.

WorshipCity said...

Wow that's weird, my comment above linked to an unavailable site and not under my normal name. That's weird.