Monday, May 21, 2007

Tattooed Fruit

Ever seen an apple riding a Hawg? How about a cucumber rocking out on stage? An avocado eXtreme snowboarding?

Well, you won't see your fruits and veges doing any of that, but you may see them sporting tattoos. No, not pics of flaming skulls, tribal bands, or hearts with Mom in the middle.

If the FDA approves it, we may soon start seeing our once benign food sporting laser imprinted tattoos with expiration, point of origin, brand names, or any sort information on them. This could mean the end of those annoying little polyvinyl stickers no one can peel off without gouging a divot from your fruit. [cite]

The laser only penetrates the very top layer of skin, removing pigmentation, and leaving a legible imprint visible.

It does not damage the product or reduce shelf life, some claim. Others state decay first occurs at the lasered site, and that it gives easier access to germs to infiltrate the produce. Either way, it is edible, as no inks or polyvinyl is used, just a slight bit less skin on the tattooed parts.

I'm all for it.

I cannot stand those little stickers. If I'm not ripping holes in my tomato trying to get them off, I'm forgetting about it and choking it down with a bite off my apple.

Too, it is hoped that the indelible tattoos will help provide a more fool-proof alternative to product tracing than stickers, which can be peeled off. The hope is to more quickly track down where contaminated produce came from.

Some produce won't be able to use the laser etching; potatoes, cantaloupe, and other rough skinned produce. So, some stickers will still be around.

If this gets approved by the FDA, I foresee actual advertising on the produce within a few short years.

Nike swooshes on your peaches, anyone?

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Swinging Sammy said...

cool, and maybe they can tatto the tomatoes in January to actually look red!

Worship City said...

But I loved those lil stickers. I'd peel off the banana ones that said: "Brain Food" and walk around with it on my forehead all day!!

Raivynn said...

Don't let any zombies see you with that sticker on your forehead. They may read it and get the wrong idea.