Friday, May 4, 2007

Funny Church Signs (Sorta)

How many times have you been driving down the road when you suddenly spy a church billboard sign with some witty (or otherwise) saying? There are entire websites devoted to showcasing the more humorous, oddball, or shocking signs encountered across America. Or Google "funny church signs" on Google Image search for a large selection.

Today, I bring you four never-before-seen church sign sayings.

A Dark Day for Religion
Just Knuckle Under and Go Already
Seven Days Without Prayer Makes One Weak?
And my most favorite of all:

Wow! Good Thing I Visit!

Okay, none of these are real signs. Well, the signs are real, but the text on them was done using a generator from this website. It's amazing how many blogs and websites post these generated images as being real. The people who created the generator did a great job with it.

Though, on three of the 4 images above, I did wipe their URL off the signs in favor of my own tongue-in-cheek choices.

Did they fool you? When did you catch on? Got any funny sayings you'd like to see on a church sign? Got any real sayings you've seen and want to share? My comment box is hungry for your words. ~.^

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dawn said...

Funny! I've seen some of the signs and thought they were real. I like yours.

Klampert said...

OH man...those are great

Conner said...

I love this site. I have a running joke with my friends to spot the worst ones in town. Fortunately, I have a Southern Baptist church that never ceases to amaze me with their 'wit!' HAHAHA.

Bruiser said...

I knew they were fake when I looked at the first one and saw the website advertised as That tipped me off. And I probably wouldn't have noticed it if I had understood the joke right away. :P

Holy Guy said...

You can take a photo of a church sign and place your own words in it VIA , fool your friends...