Thursday, May 24, 2007

Help Hit the Mud Puppy!

Help Mud Puppy reach his goal of 50k hits by next weekend!

Go visit Mud Puppy's blog and rack those hits up! He's at 48,832 as I write this. Not only is Mud Puppy's blog a good read, but I wanna win his 50k Hit Contest! *grin*

So if you go visit, leave Mud Puppy a note I sent you.


Mud Puppy Mud Puppy Mud Puppy Mud Puppy Mud Puppy

Ok, that's 5 entries for a dedicated post, and 10 more driect links to his website, for a total of 25 entries. hehehehehe (Yeah, yeah, Russ, I know it's technically only 5, or maybe 7 entires for this post, but I'm trying to be funny here. Sheesh!)

Mud Puppy 2 more! Wheeee!! ~.^


Russell said...

At first glance this is a TON of entries. A closer look reveals only 1.... :)

Rules applied:
1. Post can't be about this contest.
2. Only one link per post will be counted.

(you've still got the most entries so far, but if you can adjust this post you'll have many more!)

Russell said...

ps. This post made me smile. :)

Raivynn said...

Hehehe it was intended to be a funny joke, not to really ge tany entries.

If, by some weird chance of fate, I win the prize, I was gonna donate it to Tanner and Pluto, and tell you to buy them a nice video and chew toy, or something.

Up to you who got the video and who got the chew toy. at those ages, they wouldn't care! hehe