Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blogger Must Die

Blogger's new and improved system to auto-save posts to drafts just destroyed my post I had spent the last few hours working on.

I'm so angry right now.

I'll try to redo it tomorrow as it was long, full of pictures.

Usually I take periodic copies saved to Notepad, but I mistakenly put my trust in blogger to do the saves for me. Grrrrrrr


Bruiser said...

That really stinks! But I'm confused. The saving made your work disappear? How does that work?

Raivynn said...

Blogger has a new feature that auto-saves your work to draft every-so-often. It was auto saving fine, until all of a sudden ... poof!

It reverted to the very first manual save I had made 2 hours prior.

I'm going back to cut&paste to notepad and saving as I write.

Tried it in notepad first then adding the flourishes after, but was more annoying that way. I can align and set things as I go in Blogger.

The pics are safe ... they are stored in my photobucket account. I'll rewrite some of my rambling descriptions and anecdotes later that went with them.