Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ninja Kitty Cattle Academy

Well, some dissatisfaction of the amount of Ninja Kitty posts has been voiced, so instead I bring you ... Ninja Cows!

The first Ninja Cow is not really a cow. It is one of the Ninja Kittys in disguise. His cover was almost blown while on a top secret mission in India. The locals were running a underground beef packing plant using all the sacred cows. The Ninja Kitty operative, disguised as one of those cows, was slated to be tenderized that day and he had to break cover to escape, using all of his hard earned Ninja Kitty skills to do so.

It was all caught on tape:

Next we have a true cow, trained under the auspices of the Ninja Kitty Academy (Now Accepting Initiates of ALL Species!), battling a roaming ronin. This was a final test for the Ninja Cow, who was unaware of this.

The test was an udder failure for Gray Zhing Cow. She milked her training for every trick she knew, but in the end, she made a fatal mis-steak. Her finishing moo-ve failed, and she was deflated, I mean, defeated.

Today's Penny Doubled Daily Cumulative Amount for 123 days is:



Doug E. Pudge said...

You really are a disturbed individual aren't you? Way too funny stuff here. B4T

Bruiser said...

Funny, I've never seen Moolasses mooove like that.