Monday, June 18, 2007

re: Your Brains

Grab a gun! Run! Hide!
Zombies are on the rampage.
Brains on the menu!

I love this music video created by Jonathan Coulton using World of Warcraft as his visual media. The parody nature of the song, as well as his vocals, remind me of Weird Al. You can find more of Jonathan's work at

The video combines three things I love: Funny Songs, WoW and Zombies.

They aren't called zombies in WoW, though. Undead is their general term; Forsaken and Scourge are the two factions of Undead. Players basically play Forsaken with Scourge being the "enemy".

Forsaken are real nasty pieces of work. They are tenuously allied with the brutal Horde. An alliance of convenience only. While they dupe their Horde allies into fighting the Lich King and the Scourge, they secretly (okay, sorta secretly) are developing a plague which will destroy humanity.

They don't eat brains, per se. But Undead do get a skill called Cannibalize. Players can induce this skill to "eat" a slain humanoid or other undead foe, thus restoring a portion of their own life force (health).

The game models of Undead are great, too. Bones and withered muscle tissue showing through pasty, necrotic flesh. Wild hair styles. Quick, yet jerky movements.

Surprisingly, I only have one Undead toon: Dropdeadhot, female mage. (On the Anvilmar server if you want to drop by and say hello! ~.^)

Hmmm, now I'm in the mood to watch one of my zombie movies ... Dawn of the Dead, perhaps?

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