Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Desk

My Computer Desk
A Fire Hazard in Waiting
No Open Flames, Please

So, a few of the blogs I visit regularly have been showing off their desks recently. I was stuck for a short post today, and decided I would, as well. Try not to look away at the horror. It will just sear itself into your mind anyhow ...
One Spark and I Lose It All It's one of those corner-style units, and fits perfectly in the bay window of my room.

As you can see, I'm a slob. The bookcases and night stand in the room synergize fluently with the clutter and disorganization of the desk. (Actually, I know exactly where everything is. It's when I clean up that I lose things.) Think of it as Funky Feng Shui for Freaks.

Items of note:
  • Clear space on top for cat to laze in the morning sun, tail hanging down atop my monitor.
  • Cardboard stand-up of Varesh from Guild Wars: Nightfall
  • Tennis ball (used for boredom relief and tension release)
  • Stuffed toys (Pikachu and Snorlax from Pokemon; Sully from Monster's Inc; Gamera, a cheap turtle made in China claw game prize that goes on all my trips with me)
  • An old mirrored compact (strategically set to show me whatever is going on at my bedroom door ... blasted kids!)
  • My box o'meds (if I keep it anywhere else I forget to take them)
  • A 20-year-old ceramic statue of Oliver from Disney's Oliver & Co.
  • Paring knife used to open DVDs (lousy security tape)
  • Cruzer micro 1.0GB thumb drive (on the monitor base)
  • Several Dungeons & Dragons reference manuals from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 3.5 editions

Missing, and my most prized possession, is a hand blown glass dragon. It is no longer up there because said cat from item one knocked it down and broke it! Said cat is lucky she is cute and fluffy, or said cat would be in the doghouse. I've had Yazinperindacles (what I named the glass dragon) since I was in my late teens. (Actually, Tek was with me when I got it at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival).

Strangest thing is probably a box of Fiddle Faddle (two weeks old, half eaten, stale, and should be thrown out) laying down in one of the large cubbys.

So there you have it. My home within my home. The place I spend the vast majority of my life.

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