Friday, June 1, 2007

5, 7, 5

Busch Gardens pictures
They are postponed yet again
My apologies

If you didn't recognize it, the above was a Haiku. A style of Japanese poetry utilizing a pattern of five syllables, then seven, followed by another five. Though true Haiku has even more rules to its creation, mine just follow the 5,7,5 rule.

Ahhhh ... now the post title suddenly makes sense. ~.^

All this month, I will begin each post with a relevant Haiku.

Don't ask me why I am doing this. I have no real reason, no underlying cause. I simply thought it might be fun.

Some of the Haiku might be funny, some serious. I am sure more than a few will be out right strange. But, it sounds to be a fun project for the month.

I am also discontinuing the Penny Doubled Daily footers at the end of each post. (Unless I get people who actually like seeing it down there). It is extra work each day, and the numbers are becoming too huge to handle daily. The main page for it will continue to be updated, though I am moving from a daily update to a weekly one. Again, the work now involved in deriving the numbers is challenging and a pain to do every day.

I'll have the last of the Busch Gardens pics up either later today (hahaha) or, more likely, tomorrow.

The reason for my not posting them today is I seem to have contracted a sore throat and chest muck. I'm not feeling very well, at the moment, and don't want to deal with actual thinking beyond this post.

It sorta of sucks, too, because today I had planned to begin my exercise regimen at the YMCA after I dropped the kids off for camp. Since my nose is stuffy, and my breathing is labored, I decided starting would be counter-productive. I am going to rest (and do laundry) today instead.

I'll be keeping a blog-log of my progress once I begin. I'm not sure how I'll be doing it, but ... I'll figure something out.

Oh, for those of you may have been wondering (all one of you) ... my visit to Tek went great. We chatted, and laughed, like old times. We reminisced, we talked of the future, of things current. We watched "Stranger Than Fiction" while eating pasta Mrs. Tek cooked. Mmmmm- mmmm.

I alternately was barked at, growled at, nipped at, played with, and slept on by one of the other of their two dogs, Amber and Joey. My cats' noses almost twitched off when I came home as they smelled me from top to bottom.

A good day, with good friends. Can't ask for more than that.


Swinging Sammy said...

I don't haiku well,
It's probably just as well,
I fell down a well.

Glad to hear Tek is better, still wearing the BiPAP every night, I hope?

tek said...

Yes I am better
I sleep just like darth vader
windstorm on my face

the heart doctor said
you look like a million bucks
please pay your bill now

severe apnea
sixty times per hour my breath stops
the sleep study shows

Bruce said...

I think this is fun
and therefore will rhyme this one
perhaps next a pun