Thursday, June 14, 2007

I See London, I See France ...

A small, Southern town
Some indecent exposure

Someone Needs to Take a Belt to This Kid

A Louisiana town has officially banned saggy britches.

You know, those drawer drooping dimwits that parade around flashing their unmentionables for all to see. I never got the supposed fashion statement they are trying to make. "Look at me, I'm an idiot"?

It was bad enough when it was just the waistband of their underwear being broadcast in Technicolor. Now, like the pic shown here, kids (and some "adults") are wearing their pants below the 49th parallel.

It can't be comfortable.

I want to rush over and yank the pants down the rest of the way whenever I see it.

Now, I don't find it particularly "indecent". The underwear baring butts are still basically covered. It's more stupid looking than obscene.

And I'm not entirely sure an ordinance against it, with penalties of up to six months in jail and a $500 fine, is any less stupid. It may even be more obscene.

And, the verbiage of this new law covers more than flashing your skivvies. (Hehehe I made a pun!)

The ordinance states, "It shall be unlawful for any person in any public place or in view of the public to be found in a state of nudity, or partial nudity, or in dress not becoming to his or her sex, or in any indecent exposure of his or her person or undergarments, or be guilty of any indecent or lewd behavior."

So ... women with those see-through blouses should fall under this law. (Another stupid fashion statement, btw.) What about middie tops? Are belly buttons next on the list of do-not-show?

Plumbers need to beware.

And what of those women with the hip-hugger jeans and those lower back tattoos (ha! lower back, upper ass is more accurate) that look more like a patch of unruly and highly displaced hair than art when more than twenty feet away?

What about breastfeeding?

Sure, I don't really want to see some woman whip one out and suckle her young while I'm trying to enjoy my milkshake at the mall food court. But, if discretion is used, and some modicum of modesty, it never truly bothers me. Inevitably, some bare flesh does show while breast feeding. Will that woman go to jail for nurturing her child?

It is a very broad-based ordinance. One with which I am not at all comfortable. It leaves much too much open to interpretation. And that paves the way for unequal enforcement.

Is this something that should be legislated? If so, aren't the penalties imposed above much too steep?

What are your thoughts?

Me, I'd just take a belt to 'em! ~.^


Russell Hawkins said...

Parents really need to be more involved in their kids' lives.

As a little background... The style started in Prison. Prisoners were not allowed to wear belts or shoe strings because they could use them as weapons or try and committ suicide. This is how this style started. People who sag are in fact emulating prison dress.

Bruiser said...

I have to wonder, how many old folks like me have walked up to one of these droopy drawered people and said, "pull your pants up, you look stupid". I've said it to my grandson enough times that he doesn't wear them like that when I'm around. I think he's outgrown it anyway. Could be that in a few years they won't wear them like that anyway.

Sabrina Hogan said...

I agree, I personally can't stand to see these guys with their pants down and think it's really poor dress style. It shows immaturity in my opinion.

WorshipCity said...

I challenge someone to be able to try and pronounce the city that this article is from :)
Delcambre...I guess since I can't hear you, you'd have to do it phonetically which would be even more difficult! HAHAHAHA.
Ahh, I love my state.

Raivynn said...

I'll take that challenge!

Based on past experience with names, I'd say it is pronounced either day-cam, or more likely, dell-come.

If you read the article I linked to, the mayor and police chief have surnames of Broussard. I have an online gaming friend who's last name is Broussard. He claims it is a common Louisiana surname .... and he didn't help me with the pronunciation.