Friday, June 15, 2007

Fantastic Flop?

Super-hero movies
I can't get enough of them
Hope this one is good

In about an hour, I'm heading out to go get some Twinz hotdogs (or maybe some Chick-fil-A .. hmmm) and go see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

The movie has been panned by critics, though much less than they did for the first outing of this super-hero franchise.

I liked the first one. Maybe it's just me, but I go to enjoy a movie, not to tear it apart bit by bit, looking for flaws. Even if it is a beloved comic book super family (of which I still have many comics). I'll make notice of what is different from the source material, but I won't decry the film maker, actors, or production studio for deviating from it. Instead, I'll try to enjoy it for what it is ... a retelling.

Now, sure, the first film had it's flaws. I think the whole Doctor Doom bit was poorly acted, and his costume was just ... jarring. But, overall, I enjoyed it as a fun, super-hero movie.

I'm there to shut my brain down for a little while and have fun. FF4 delivered for me in that respect. I have it on DVD, and have watched it several times. (OK, I seem to only really watch and rewatch my superhero movies .. and my zombie movies).

So, I go to FF4:RotSS not with high hopes, or grand expectations, but with a desire to relax, have some cinematic fun, and enjoy the special effects and seeing one of my favorite super-hero teams on the big screen. Plus, the Silver Surfer.

He was always one of my favorites.

I'll likely post a sort of review later today or tomorrow of the movie.

Until then, be good and watch the skies!

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