Friday, June 22, 2007

Charlie the Unicorn and the Candy Mountain

Pastel Unicorns
Hopping and Prancing Around
Please, Please Make It Stop

My buddy TekPhreak had the following video posted on his website/blog a few days ago. I was simply going to provide a link to the page he had it on but I cannot find it now. *shrug*

Ever since I saw this video, I cannot get the damned thing out of my head.

It seems I see or hear the name Charlie dozens of time per day now, and my mind instantly starts doing the high pitched, whiny "Chhhhaaarrrrlllieeee" in place of the actual name. I also see pastel colored unicorns hopping about.

Okay, I always see pastel colored unicorns hopping about, but that was from a bad trip on prescription cough syrup, muscle relaxers, a fever of 103°F, and some My Little Ponies. We won't go there just now. >_>

So, since my brain is now infected with Charlie the Unicorn, I am now compelled to infect the rest of the world with it, too. Sort of like the rage infection in 28 Days Later, but with annoying voices, prancing pastel unicorns, exploding singing letters, and a mountain of candy.

Yeah, so ...

I hope you watched it.

And, Tek?

Damn you. Damn you to Hell!


1 comment:

tek said...

Muhahaha! That video is Eeeeevil! Glad I could infect you.

the original post is still here