Thursday, August 16, 2007

Monkeys, Butts, and Coconuts

Up Butt Coconut is now mnemonically implanted into your brain. You shall wander about all day singing these words to the querulous looks of co-workers, family members, friends, and passersby. You're welcome!

I wonder if the monkey in the belly tattoo below lost his coconut?


Mud Puppy said...

That is so wrong!

Worship City said...

Did I see Abe Lincoln on rollerskates in there as well?!?!?!

Raivynn said...

Yes. Yes, you did.

And he falls, backside down, on the stack of coconuts. Thus reinforcing the timeless morality of Up Butt Coconut.

And this response makes as much sense as the song.

How many of you sang snatches of the song, or replayed it in your head, throughout the next day or two since hearing it? hehe

David J said...

i did its a hilarious random yet catchy song lol

Anonymous said...

Tastefully offensive. Its so bad its good.