Friday, August 10, 2007

The Dangerous Book for Boys

This is for all my readers out there who have boys of their own, are still are boys at heart!

I've flipped through this at my local Best Buy (of all places). I plan on getting each of my nephews a copy of this for Christmas. It's four months away, but at least it's one present out of the way! There is a lot of cool stuff inside, as you see from the video above.

Just think how you Dad's out there could have fun and connect with your sons using the things in this book! I'll see if I can connect a bit better with my nephews. Moms can do things with their sons, too!

The Dangerous Book for Boys

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Jason said...

That was really cool. I have some nephews too that could use this book. Great post. I am sure Russ will love this one when he gets back.